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Education, Advice and Guidance:

All pupils have access to careers education, information, advice and guidance, as part of the curriculum. The programme is delivered in PSHE and PDC sessions. This allows pupils to develop the core skills needed for employment and gain an awareness of the job market.

Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance is a part of every pupil’s entitlement and here at Lord Derby Academy, we are committed to using a variety of learning experiences to help young people manage the key decision points in their lives. The education they receive prepares them to make informed decisions about the next learning or employment stage for them.

Pupils will get the opportunity to meet with Connie Eager, the Careers Adviser at key decision points in their school life, and at other times if they are in particular need of support. At this time, they can talk about their ideas for the future, explore the range of options after they leave school and plan the steps to achieve their end goal. Pupils can expect advice and guidance that is personalised, comprehensive and impartial. Support on offer to pupils includes:

  • Career choice
  • Career planning
  • Planning the next stage of your studies
  • Making Further Education and Higher Education Choices
  • Applying to Sixth Forms and Colleges
  • Applying for Apprenticeships
  • Completing job applications
  • Preparing for interviews


Guest speakers at assemblies to talk about their field of expertise.

Mock interviews

A range of local employers give up their valuable time to support our pupils in developing their skills.


Delivering information, supporting the application process and interviews all can take place in school.

Taster Days, Visits and Trips

All year groups get opportunities take part in college taster days, visit different facilities and trips to our growing portfolio of local businesses.

See our Careers, Information Advice and Guidance Board in the atrium, for key dates, Career Connect appointments, college open evenings, apprenticeship information and much more.

All departments have a careers board specific to their area where you will find information on careers relating to that subject.

National Careers Week 2021:

Simply access to attend the virtual careers fair.

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