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The Dean Trust Curriculum Statement

At The Dean Trust, we believe that the acquisition of powerful knowledge and transferable skills, together with experiences that build social and cultural capital, is a fundamental right for all young people.

Our curriculum ambition, is to provide all our pupils with carefully crafted and sequenced knowledge enhancement and social development experiences, so that they are academically, socially and altruistically equipped to contribute positively to a global community.

As a steadily growing Trust, our curriculum is an ongoing focus of scrutiny and development for our Trust Improvement Groups (curriculum and teaching and learning specialists from across our Trust).

Through our Teaching School, we are exploiting our specialists’ combined pedagogical intellect, research, experience and expertise to enhance our curriculum so that every pupil has access to a consistent and aspirational learning entitlement.

 The Dean Trust Curriculum Values

We have four core values, equally important and interconnected, that shape our curriculum. Our curriculum is designed so that all our pupils become:

Powerfully knowledgeable


a love of learning.

an understanding of technological developments and impact on the world.

the acquisition of problem-solving skills.

collaboration and independent study.

literacy, numeracy and communication skills.

achievement of academic qualifications


Global citizens

By developing…

respect for themselves, and respectful behaviours towards others.

respect for the environment and an understanding of how to protect the earth.

pride in their roots but with a passion to travel.

values, beliefs and morals that contribute positively to society.

an understanding of their place in the world.

empathy and respect for human rights.

a unique identity within an increasingly diverse society.


Healthy in mind, body and soul


making healthy and safe lifestyle choices.

developing confidence and resilience.

being able to adapt to and manage changing circumstances.

managing emotions, attitudes and behaviours appropriately.

investment in personal relationships.


Ambitious and Aspirational


challenging expectations and ‘the status quo’.

challenging that which is presented as ‘the truth’.

being curious and creative.

taking advantage of opportunities beyond the classroom.

knowing that they have infinite potential.


Curriculum Principles

To ensure these Values are upheld, the curriculum will:

  • provide a framework for setting out the aims of our programmes of study, including the knowledge and understanding to be gained at each stage.
  • be broad, balanced, purposeful and aspirational.
  • embed transferable skills for learning.
  • identify key threshold concepts in all subject areas, connected in webs or schemata.
  • provide challenging progression through the key stages.
  • promote learning as an alteration in long-term memory.
  • provide a range of programmes of study and courses, and be differentiated to suit the needs of a wide range of learners’ ability.
  • make use of ICT and new technologies to motivate and inspire learners.
  • support the local, national and international community
  • be responsive to changes and opportunities within the world of work.
  • evaluate the knowledge and skills learners have gained against expectations through regular, spaced and interleaved recall and coordinated summative assessments.
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