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Summer School

  • “My son absolutely loved it, it changed his whole mindset about going up to high school and now he is really loving his first week.. so as a mum I would also like to say thanks.”
  • “Brilliant. So happy my child got a place at Lord Derby.”
  • “The summer school was a brilliant way of engaging my children back into fun, educational activities, and ensuring they felt comfortable being back in the school environment.”
  • “The Vibe Outdoors trip was really enjoyed and they would like to do more if possible! Thank you to all involved!”

Past Pupils/ Year 11 GCSE Results Day

  • “I can’t thank you and the staff enough for what you have done for my child.”
  • “People questioned my choice to send her here – I am so glad that I did – thank you!”
  • “I appreciate all the Lord Derby Academy did for my Daughter. I’m eternally grateful for all of you. Thank you very much”
  • “Thank you all for everything.”
  • “We would like to say thank you for taking the time and listening to her chats, I am sure she will look back and treasure those moments.”
  • “Thank you for everything you have done for my child during her time at school.”
  • “Thank you so much for taking such good care of my child.”
  • “We just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has taught and helped our child during his 5 years at LDA.”
  • “Our child has really enjoyed his time at school and there has never been a day when he didn’t want to attend!”
  • “The strong ethics of the school have helped our son become the respectable young man he has become today.”
  • 94% of the Year 11 2020-2021 cohort rated the Careers support provided as Good or Outstanding.
  • 98% of the Year 11 2020-2021 cohort rated the support provided as Good or Outstanding.
  • 100% of the Year 11 2020-2021 cohort felt safe at LDA.

Year 10 Welcome to KS4 Evening

  • “What a great meeting!”
  • “Very informative and good to hear how supportive staff are to help our children achieve.”
  • “Thank you to everyone for giving up their time tonight, much appreciated.”

Visitors to School

  • “What a great experience. Really supportive Science team – they made me feel very welcome.”
  • “A lovely school, I am so impressed with the young people and how they are able to talk about their learning.”
  • “What a great school! A real pleasure to have taught here if only for a short while!”
  • “I am really impressed with the warmth of the welcome, professionalism of staff and quality of systems. The students reflect the high standards expected of all.”
  • “The students were excellent and respectful. I can see a lot of high quality teaching taking place.”
  • “Staff have been very friendly and extremely helpful.”
  • “An amazing group of young people at Lord Derby Academy, a school to be very proud of.”
  • “Love this school – staff very helpful and friendly. Pupils are great.”
  • “I was truly impressed by the work going on in the school and the excellent behaviour and calm atmosphere. Excellent staff and children. Leadership shines through. Not a piece of litter in sight.”
  • “Students were really engaged and interested – a pleasure to work with.”
  • “A joy to speak to the year group who asked relevant questions to enable the future they deserve.”
  • “Reception staff as always extremely helpful and polite. Always go out of their way to ensure visit successful and enjoyable.”
  • “Wow! What a fantastic school LDA is. It was a pleasure to tour and feel/see the true commitment to learning and excellence.”

Year 7 Induction Meetings

  • “Amazing night”
  • “Packs very helpful”
  • “Staff were very informative and friendly”
  • “At ease with the information we have received”
  • “Very impressed with the use of positive reinforcement”
  • “Happy that the use of the 9 quality children’s standards are very evident in the school’s ethos”
  • “Fantastic organising”
  • “Lovely night, lots of smiles from friendly staff”
  • “Organisation outstanding”
  • “Front of house staff friendly and welcoming”
  • “Thanks for a lovely visit, teachers are lovely”

Remote Learning/School Closure

  • 99% of the Year 11 2020-2021 cohort rated the Remote Learning provision as Good or Outstanding.
  • “Thank you to all staff for your continued hard work and effort with home learning”
  • “Thank you for everything you’re doing. You have my sincere respect and admiration.”
  • “Thank you for thinking about us and getting in touch”
  • “I received my food parcel and thought it was great!”


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