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What is Remote Learning?

Remote Learning is a way for pupils to access lessons while they are at home using Google Classroom. Each LDA subject has set up a virtual classroom, either for individual classes or for the whole year group in order to deliver lessons.

This means that pupils access all their learning resources, everything that usually they would get face to face in a classroom, virtually via the online classroom.

Pupils should follow their usual timetable. Each lesson the class teacher will share resources and set tasks to allow our pupils to continue with their studies. Because different subjects are taught in different ways, all subject classrooms will not all look the same. However there are some things that all classrooms will include:

    • Work will be set every lesson in a variety of formats including worksheets, quizzes, power-points etc. and also by teachers posting pre-recorded ‘live’ content via Screencastify or Oak Academy learning videos
    • Learning via online platforms such as Mathswatch and Bedrock will be used where appropriate
    • Teachers will be available for the duration of the lesson to respond to questions and queries.
    • Pupils will have the opportunity to ask for help and additional explanations during the lesson

In addition, teachers may offer live, interactive lessons using Google Meet.

In order to support schools, the Department for Education have commissioned a virtual school called the Oak Academy to create online learning resources for teachers to use. The BBC have also commissioned a range of Television programmes to supplement the BBC Bitesize resources. These are quality resources, designed specifically for remote learning and will be used by teachers to provide a varied online learning experience for pupils.

Please follow the links below for information regarding remote learning:

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