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The Dean Trust Governance Structure

The Trust Board (the Trustees) are responsible for governing the Trust and ensuring all legal and statutory requirements are met. Their role is strategic and by working closely with the Trust’s Executive Team they retain oversight of all strategic issues. The Trustees meet at least six times per year to discuss Trust business and strategically important issues. More information about the Trustees and Executive Team can be found here.

The Trustees have established a number of Local Governing Committees (LGCs) across the Trust. The LGCs consist of parents, staff and community governors who are tasked with supporting and challenging the headteacher and school leadership on a range of issues including; pupil performance, financial management and staff wellbeing. Each Local Governing Committee meets four times a year and is chaired by a community governor with the support from a Governance Professional employed by the Trust.

The Lord Derby Academy Local Governing Committee is chaired by Ian Marshall. The Governance Professional who supports the LGC is Miss C. Ierston.

Within each Local Governing Committee there are several smaller subcommittees which focus on the following areas; Curriculum & Standards, Finance & Risk, People & Wellbeing, and Performance Management & Pay. Most subcommittees meet three times a year.

Governance Documents

Committee Composition:
Local Governing Committee Membership
Local Governing Committee Roles

Governor Pen Portraits:
Lord Derby Academy LGC Pen Portraits

Meeting Schedule:
Governance Meeting Schedule

Committee Attendance:
Governor Attendance Record 2023-2024
Governor Attendance Record 2022-2023

Register of Business and Conflicts of Interest:
Governor Register of Business

Further Downloads

Click here to view The Dean Trust Scheme of Delegation, Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association as well as other Dean Trust Governance Documents.

Request for Copies

If you would like hard copies of any of the committee information, including minutes, please contact the committee’s Governance Professional.


To contact any member of the Local Governing Committee or the Governance Professional, please contact the main school number or office email in the first instance.

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