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Wednesday the 28th of February saw our very own Year 9 pupil, Kate Horne deliver £200 worth of food to the local Food Bank (The Big Help Project) based in Huyton. Kate, an aspiring photographer had decided to create an exhibition of her work at Lord Derby Academy’s Christmas performance and then proceeded to sell her prints to Staff, Parents and Pupils to help raise money for this fantastic cause.  With over 8000 Knowsley families accessing the foodbank last year alone, equating to, on average, 2 in 25 families in the Borough requiring help from a foodbank at some point during 2017.

Kate’s passion and desire to help those in need has been nothing short of inspirational and she has single handily help raise the profile of this amazing cause.  By providing over 80 breakfasts, 50 meals and countless cups of hot chocolate.  This act of selflessness was done without any expectation of gaining something in return, a quality that is truly humbling to observe.

Well done Kate!

If would like to make a contribution towards The Big Help Project, they are based on Huyton industrial estate. They require donations of long life food such as sauces, tinned fruit, long life milk, coffee and biscuits. Donations of all sizes are welcome.

Kate’s story has also featured in the Liverpool Echo (19.3.18)

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