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Christmas really did start on Wednesday 13th December with Lord Derby Academy’s Christmas tree surrounded by a garland of food hampers and Christmas music filling the atrium.  Approximately 110 fantastic hampers were created through the generosity of the pupils at Lord Derby Academy and the hard work of the staff at one of the busiest times of the year.  Countless pupils and staff have been rushing around all week putting final touches to boxes of ‘goodies’ and on Wednesday, 86 of our Year 10 ‘elves’ went out into the Huyton community to make deliveries to our local elderly residents.

The pupils involved from Year 10 are still emotional from the experience and returned to school full of inspiring stories following conversations as they delivered their hampers. There have even been many tears of joy shed as the pupils told us how happy the members of the community were to receive these unexpected hampers.

Already we have received several phone calls and cards of thanks…

Valerie (nominated by 7FV) said, “Sincere Thanks, the 2 pupils were immaculately dressed, impeccable manners, a credit
to School, their parents and most of all themselves”
Sadie said, “ I’m in shock!!! Never in my life have I received something so generous. What a lovely thing to
receive, the children were very smart and extremely polite”.
John from Pilch Lane East phoned to say “thanks for being so generous” – nominated by Year 10.
May (nominated by H Donaldson) called to say thanks as someone had dropped one off for her and left it at her neighbours.  Like last year she was thrilled but more so because she has been really ill this year and so was touched that we’d thought of her and uplifted her spirit.
Mary sent in a card wanting to thank all the pupils and staff at Lord Derby Academy for their kind thoughts and sent best wishes for 2018.
Anne from Darwick Rd (nominated by 7KG) sent a huge thank you to staff and pupils for the hamper and said she felt very proud of our pupils.
Mrs Wood wrote – “Thank you so much for the hamper wishing you all the best for 2018”.
A local grandmother has just called to say a huge thank you for her hamper!

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