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Parental Events for all year groups are listed below:


Year 11 Parents Welcome EveningThursday 27th September 20186-7pm
Year 10 Parents Welcome to KS4 EveningTuesday 2nd October 20186-7pm
Year 7 Parents Welcome Evening with Form TutorsThursday 11th October 20184.30-6.30pm
Year 9 Parents EveningThursday 22nd November 20184.30-6.30pm
Year 10 Parents EveningThursday 6th December 20184.30-6.30pm
Year 11 Parents EveningThursday 24th January 20194.30-6.30pm
Year 9 Options EveningThursday 7th February 20194.30-6.30pm
Year 8 Parents EveningThursday 14th March 20194.30-6.30pm
Year 7 Parents EveningWednesday 20th March 20194.30-6.30pm
Year 11 Revision LaunchThursday 28th March 20196-7pm
New Year 7 Parental InductionThursday 20th June 20196-7.30pm
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