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On Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th December 2018, Lord Derby Academy pupils from years 7, 8, 9 and 10 put on a fabulous showcase of talent centred around the fictional works of Roald Dahl. Willy Wonka, the Oompa Loompas, The Twits and many more, including a musical production of Matilda.  This was a fantastic showcase of the work of the Expressive Arts Faculty who, alongside the pupils, have worked tirelessly to design, stage, and rehearse the show.  The pupils’ hard work and dedication is to be commended, as without this, the performance would not have been a success.  This marks a massive milestone for the Expressive Arts Faculty, as the first full musical production to be presented in LDA history. We hope that the pupils who have been involved will have made memories, and learned new skills that will stay with them for life.

Performing Arts Week (2018)


During the week beginning 21st May 2018, the Expressive Arts Department led a week of activities to promote the different Performing Arts subjects.  In addition to live musical performances throughout the week, pupils had the opportunity to enter three new competitions to become either the Composer, Choreographer or Script Writer of the Year.   (Winners detailed above).  We encouraged all pupils to take part in at least one of the competitions to expand on their learning, and to challenge themselves independently.  The week also saw the launch of the Arts Council.  Pupils had the chance to apply to be a member of the Arts Council, which will prove to be a great accolade and will present many amazing opportunities.  For more information, please see a member of the Performing Arts staff.

The Expressive Arts department is a cohesive and well developed team that delivers Art and Design, Drama and Music at Key Stages 3 and 4. In addition, Dance and Film Studies are also delivered at Key Stage 4.

The Arts are valued and are high profile at Lord Derby Academy. During the academic year 2017-2018, the faculty further promoted the Arts subjects through a wider range of activities including an Arts week, a Performing Arts week, showcases of pupils’ work and performances in the local community. The faculty also introduced an Arts Council where pupils are given leadership responsibilities in the different Art forms and are able to influence and shape the curriculum that is delivered to them at KS3 as well as enrichment opportunities across both key stages.


Art Curriculum

Art LDA KS4 Curriculum Overview Year 10

Art LDA KS4 Curriculum Overview Year 11

Drama Curriculum

Drama LDA KS4 Curriculum Overview Y10

Drama LDA KS4 Curriculum Overview Y11

Music Curriculum

Music LDA KS4 Curriculum Overview Y10

Music LDA KS4 Curriculum Overview Y11

Dance Curriculum

Dance LDA KS4 Curriculum Overview Y10

Dance LDA KS4 Curriculum Overview Y11

Film Studies

Film Studies LDA KS4 Curriculum Overview Y10

Film Studies LDA KS4 Curriculum Overview Y11


Expressive Arts extra curricular activities are displayed on the Enrichment page.



  • Miss J. Taylor: Head of Expressive Arts / BTEC Quality Nominee
  • Ms N. Chase: Lead Teacher of Art
  • Miss A. Boag-Munroe: Lead Teacher of Music / Whole School Lead of Enrichment
  • Ms C. Pickering: Teacher of Drama
  • Mrs R. Greenhalgh: Teacher of Art and Technology
  • Mr J. Torode: Expressive Arts Technician / PE
  • Mrs L. McDiarmid: Expressive Arts Technician
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